Grant application process

This is the regular grant application process which can slightly change in certain cases. After the submission of the proposal, the steps include pre-quality checks, Project Committee meeting, decision, and tripartite contract. Please find below a more detailed explanation.

5 Steps of the application process

1. Proposal submission

  • Submission of proposals on a rolling basis (submit at least six weeks ahead of the planned project start date).

2. Pre-quality checks

  • Project pre-quality check is conducted by an SCBF member with relevant subject matter expertise.
  • A three member project committee is selected (consisting of two SCBF private sector members and one SDC representative).
  • The Secretariat ensures completeness of the application and sends the pre-checked proposal to the project committee and the SCBF Finance Officer.

3. Project Committee meeting

  • Project committee members submit their assessment of the proposal to the Secretariat confidentially prior to the project committee meeting.
  • The Finance Officer assesses the financials of the proposal and provides feedback prior to the Project Committee meeting.
  • The Project Committee discusses the project in a closed meeting (grant application is not circulated outside the project committee).

4. Decision

  • The Secretariat informs the grantee of the outcome of the Project Committee meeting.

5. Contract

  • Tripartite contracts are signed by the applicant and the financial sector partner(s).