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Innovation / Product Upscaling Projects

Project No.Related to:GranteePartner Financial InstitutionCountryTitleFactsheetFinal ReportVideo
2021-08FSW-17Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA)FORTE Insurance (Cambodia) Plc & AMK Microfinance Institution Plc.CambodiaLaunching index-based agricultural insurance schemes for smallholder farmers in CambodiaClick here
2021-07n/aAB Consultants LimitedAPA Insurance LimitedKenyaMicro-property insurance scale-up programmeClick here
2021-06n/aBritam General InsuranceKenyaScaling-up micro-health in-patient product through better understanding of target segments and behaviourally informed digital distribution effortsClick here
2021-05n/aBriisk IndiaCare Health InsuranceIndiaIncreasing insurance penetration in rural India through technology-driven tools and partnershipsClick here
2021-04FSW-10Nadacia Habitat for Humanity InternationalBritam General Insurance Company (K) Ltd.KenyaDelivering Housing Impact Insurance in KenyaClick here
2021-03n/an/aALIDEBéninImplementation of a Credit Scoring Application for Automatic Selection of Clients in BeninClick here
2021-02n/an/aAssilassimé SolidaritéTogoDigitalisation of Products and Services for
Low-Income Families in Togo
Click here
2021-01FEW-29CIFFECECAM-BENINBéninDigitalisation of Savings Mobilisation among Women
and Young People in Bénin
Click here
2020-19n/aawamo GmbHawamo 360 Kenya Ltd.KenyaIntroducing Credit Default Insurance to Rural Kenyan Microfinance InstitutionsClick here
2020-182020-17VisionFund InternationalVisionFund MalawiMalawiAccident, Sickness & Health Insurance for Savings Groups in MalawiClick here
2020-172020-18VisionFund InternationalVisionFund GhanaGhanaAccident, Sickness & Health Insurance for Savings Groups in GhanaClick here
2020-16n/aAwanTunaiSayurboxIndonesiaAccess to Affordable Working Capital for Smallholder
Farmers in Indonesia
Click here
2020-15n/aAccionSocremoMozambiqueDigital Savings Product Upscaling in MozambiqueClick here
2020-14n/an/aFINCA UgandaUgandaDeveloping the Business Case for Low-Balance Savings in UgandaClick here
2020-13n/aFundación CapitalCRECER IFDBoliviaSaving Product for Rural Women in BoliviaClick here
2020-12n/aKuunda Holdings LimitedFINCA Microfinance BankTanzaniaHapa Cash Overdraft for Micro-merchants with M-PesaClick here
2020-11n/aCamide (Centre d'Appui à la Microfinance et au Développement)Bɛnso JamanuMaliYeredeme Group Methodology UpscalingClick here
2020-10n/aOpportunity International SwitzerlandUrwego BankRwandaUrwego Bank Mobile-Agent Banking Application UpgradeClick here
2020-09n/aMPower Ventures AGMPower Ventures Zambia LtdZambiaUpscaling of Micro Loans for Solar Home Systems and Solar Powered Productive Use Appliances in ZambiaClick here
2020-08n/aStonestep AGStonestep TFD Private LimitedNepalProduct Upscaling of Covid-19 Value Added Services (VAS)Click here
2020-07n/aPezesha Africa LimitedPesatransactKenyaScaling-up Last Mile Supply-Chain Merchants with Affordable Float Financing in KenyaClick here
2020-06n/aSymbioticsCentro de Investigacion y Desarrollo Regional -CIDRE IFDBoliviaTechnology enhanced savings, green loans development and financial education for rural clients in BoliviaClick here
2020-05n/aBlue Marble MicroinsuranceSeguros Comerciales Bolivar S.A.ColombiaScale-up of weather index insurance in ColombiaClick here
2020-04FEW-25Blue Marble MicroinsuranceOld Mutual ZimbabweZimbabweWeather index insurance scale-up in ZimbabweClick here
2020-03n/aFINCA JordanFINCA JordanJordanRefugee and foreign-born resident financing in JordanClick here
2020-02n/aWomen's World Banking (WWB)Finance Trust Bank UgandaUgandaReview loans-bundled & develop savings-bundled hospital cash insuranceClick here
2020-01n/aOpportunity International SwitzerlandOpportunity Bank Uganda Limited (OBUL)UgandaMatched savings and loans for youth in rural UgandaClick here
2019-08n/aSymbioticsAccess Bank MadagascarMadagascarPioneering a new delivery channel in Madagascar using Messenger Application (MyAcces)Click here
2019-07n/aVenture South InternationalVenture South UgandaUgandaWarehouse receipt financingClick here
2019-06n/aOpportunity International SwitzerlandOpportunity Bank Uganda Limited (OBUL) & FINCA UgandaUgandaLoan, savings and digital cash transfer products for refugee populations in UgandaClick here
2019-05n/aStonestep GmbHOoredoo Myanmar Fintech Limited and/or Wave MoneyMyanmarMicroinsurance Market Development: Piloting paid mobile money micro-health and life products in MyanmarClick hereClick here
2019-04n/aOKO FinanceOKO MaliMaliMaize and cotton index insurance for smallholder farmers in MaliClick here
2019-03n/aSyngenta FoundationEBDAA BankSudanUpscaling crop agricultural climate risk insurance solutions for smallholder farmers in SudanClick here
Syngenta FoundationAyeyarwaddy Seeds CompanyMyanmarLaunching the first weather index-based agricultural insurance scheme for smallholder farmers in MyanmarClick here
2019-01n/aInternational Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)Takaful Insurance of Africa (TIA)KenyaDeveloping a digital financial and service delivery agency platformClick herePremature closure
2018-11n/an/aNational Microfinance Bank (NMB)JordanIntroducing savings-linked insurance solutionClick here
2018-102016-05Women's World Banking (WWB)Microfund for Women (MFW)JordanSavings-linked Microinsurance Design and
Click hereClick here
2018-09n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalLOLCCambodiaBuilding capacity to strengthen access to housing microfinance in CambodiaClick hereClick here
2018-08n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalLOLC Finance (previoulsy LOMC - prior a merger in July 2018)Sri LankaBuilding capacity to strengthen access to housing microfinance in Sri LankaClick hereClick here
2018-07n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalCOAC JA (Calculadora de Ahorro y Credito ? Jardin Azuayo)EcuadorBuilding capacity to strengthen access to housing microfinance in Ecuador - COAC JAClick hereClick here
2018-06n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalBanco SolidarioEcuadorBuilding capacity to strengthen access to housing microfinance in Ecuador - Banco SolidarioClick hereClick here
2018-05FEW-17ACRE AfricaAcre RwandaRwandaUp-scaling agricultural insurance for smallholdersClick here
2018-04n/aVenture South InternationalBiashara na Fedhu (VS Kenya)TanzaniaCustomized loans to smallholder farmers for solar-powered water pumpsClick here
Women's World Banking (WWB)Lead FoundationEgyptPilot for family insurance cover in EgyptClick hereClick here
Women's World Banking (WWB)Lead FoundationEgyptInsurance process automation for Lead FoundationClick hereClick here
2018-01n/an/aGuardian Life Insurance LimitedBangladeshIntroducing and up-scaling savings-linked endowment productsClick here
2017-122016-04E-Savings.clubAkiba MexicoMexicoDigital microloans pioneered by Akiba in MexicoClick hereClick here
2017-11n/aZingsureZingsure LtdZambiaInitial insurance up-scaling of ZingSure in Zambia by reaching 1 million members of faith-based ZambiaClick hereClick here
2017-10n/aOpportunity International SwitzerlandSevis Finansye Fonkoze (SFF)HaitiIndividual small business loan product for Sevis Finansye FonkozeClick hereClick here
2017-09n/aiDEal Tecnologías & Cía. LtdaFinanciera Fundeser S.A.NicaraguaPromotion and pilot of appropriate credit for access to low-pressure irrigation technologies for small producers of high-yield cropsClick hereClick here
2017-08n/aAdvans International FranceAdvans TunisieTunisiaReaching out to rural and agricultural clients with tailord lending productsClick hereClick here
2017-07n/aZingsureZing Life Assurance Company Ltd.MalawiInitial insurance up-scaling of ZingSure in MalawiClick hereClick here
2017-06n/aSymbioticsAdvans Ghana Savings and LoansGhanaRolling out innovative channel distribution financial services to rural clients of AdvansClick hereClick here
2017-05n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalFUDEMI & FUNDENUSENicaraguaBuilding Capacity to strengthen access to housing microfinance in NicaraguaClick hereClick here
2017-04n/aVenture South InternationalBiashara na Fedhu (VS Kenya)KenyaProduct up-scaling of solar lending in KenyaClick hereClick here
2017-03n/aGrameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation (GCAMF)Reseau de Micro Institutions de Croissance de Revenus (RMCR)MaliAgricultural microinsurance and risk management for a rural MFI in MaliClick hereClick here
2017-022016-01eBOP SAKiWi MexicoMexicoManaging cash-flows: up-scaling KiWi?s cash disposal solutionsClick hereClick here
2017-01n/an/aAMRET CambodiaCambodiaEnhancing client value through microinsurance offerings at AMRET in CambodiaClick hereClick here
2016-092015-05FINCA HaitiFINCA Haiti S.A.HaitiStrengthening outreach to rural clients with e-wallets: Integrating disbursements and improving delivery channels structureClick hereClick here
2016-08n/aMicrofund for Women (MFW)Microfund for Women (MFW)JordanExpanding outreach of group lending and non-financial services to Syrian women refugeesClick hereClick here
Women's World Banking (WWB)Lead FoundationEgyptCareGiver Insurance Roll-out at Lead FoundationClick hereClick here
2016-06n/aSyngenta FoundationAcre AfricaKenyaPhone ergonomics for improved uptake of Acre Africa?s mobile microinsurance in KenyaClick hereClick here
2016-052018-10Women's World Banking (WWB)Microfund for Women (MFW)JordanGender focused savings linked insurance for Microfund for Women MFWClick hereClick here
2016-04FEW-09E-Savings.clubAkiba MexicoMexicoDigital Platform for Rotating Savings and Credit AssociationsClick hereClick here
2016-03FSW-11Stonestep GmbHPACT Ventures & Pact Global Microfinance Fund (PGMF)MyanmarPact Global Microfinance Fund Beneficiary Welfare Fund Claims OptimizationClick hereClick here
2016-02n/aZingsureZingsure LtdZimbabweInsureCo setup in Zimbabwe in partnership with ACCZ and Zingsure Limited.Click hereClick here
2016-01n/aeBOP SAKiwi MexicoMexicoKiWi, digital platform for micro-merchantsClick hereClick here
2015-07FEW-08FIDES AGAlliance for microfinance in Myanmar (AMFIN)MyanmarBuilding Capacities to develop a Small Enterprise Clients portfolioClick hereClick here
2015-05n/an/aFINCA Haiti S.A.HaitiImproving Mobile Banking through Client Education and Sub-agentsClick hereClick here
2015-04Phase 2 of
SwisscontactFundacion CampoEl SalvadorMicroleasing pilotClick hereClick here
2015-03FSW-03SwisscontactFondo de Desarollo only (& Fundeser dropped out - no longer interested)NicaraguaMicroleasing pilot for the agroindustrial sectorClick hereClick here
2015-02FSW-03SwisscontactFENACREP & Cabanillas Manazo & TikariPeruMicroleasing for quinoa & dairy producersClick hereClick here
2015-01n/aE-Savings.clubLa Poste du BeninBeninE-Tontine for La Poste du BeninClick hereClick here
2014-10FEW-07MicroInsurance CentreENDA InterarabeTunisiaSupport to launch first commercial microinsurance product in TunisiaClick hereClick here
2014-09FEW-06SwisscontactEquity Bank RwandaRwandaFanikisha+ Rwanda: Promotion and acceleration of women small businessesClick hereClick here
2014-08n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalUrwego Opportunity Bank (replaced Letshego Rwanda Limited) and IMF Hakima SCRwanda / Democratic Republic of CongoBuilding capacity to expand housing microfinanceClick hereClick here
SwisscontactFundacion CampoEl SalvadorMicroleasing pilotClick hereClick here
2014-06n/aPlaNet FinanceSONAPOST Societe Nationale des PostesBurkina FasoDevelopment of savings and insurance products for migrants through international postal transfersClick hereClick here
2014-052011-04PlaNet FinanceManushiNepalScaling up of innovative Microinsurance products for rural poorClick hereClick here
2014-04n/aMicroFinanzaASA InitiativeGhanaIntroduction and up-scale of microloans for the distirbution of biochar stovesClick hereClick here
eBOP SAFuture KiWi MoroccoMoroccoKiWi eKiosk pioneering integrated cards & mobile payments for micromerchantsClick hereClick here
2014-02FEW-03Syngenta FoundationKilimo SalamaTanzaniaIntroducing agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers in the Iringa regionClick hereClick here
2014-01FEW-02Syngenta FoundationKilimo SalamaTanzaniaIntroducing agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers in the Arusha regionClick hereClick here
2013-14n/aBFC GmbHVitas JordanJordanDevelopment of small enterprise lending at Vitas JordanClick hereClick here
2013-13n/aGFA Consulting GroupCredit Immobilier & Hotelier (CIH)MoroccoBank Downscaling in MoroccoClick hereClick here
2013-122011-06SwisscontactEquity BankTanzaniaPromotion and acceleration of women small businessesClick hereClick here
2013-11 b)n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalCampoEl SalvadorBuilding capacity to expand housing microfinance in Central AmericaClick hereClick here
2013-11 a)n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalCOMIXMULHondurasBuilding capacity to expand housing microfinance in Central AmericaClick hereClick here
2013-10n/aFINCA InternationalFINCA Haiti S.A.HaitiProviding access to finance for Haiti?s rural and agricultural populationsClick hereClick here
2013-09n/aBamboo Finance SàrlBanco Popular S.A.HondurasStrengthening middle management & reviewing products and segments offer in MSMEsClick hereClick here
PlaNet FinanceAl Barid Bank (ABB)MoroccoScaling up Mobile Banking : delivering G2P benefits to rural areasClick hereClick here
2013-07n/aPAMIGABuusaa Gonofaa/
EthiopiaAccess to water and solar energy through microfinance (replication of #2013-03)Click hereClick here
FIDES AGFIDES Microfinance SenegalSenegalStrengthen SLF position in the Senegalese SME marketClick hereClick here
2013-05n/aWomen's World Banking (WWB)Association Al AmanaMoroccoReplicating Caregiver: Providing health microinsurance to low-income clients of Association Al AmanaClick hereClick here
2013-04n/aHorus Development FinanceADVANS PakistanPakistanFine-tuning of products range and adaptation of the ADVANS model to PakistanClick hereClick here
2013-03n/aPAMIGAPRIDE RFWTanzaniaAccess to water and energy through microfinanceClick hereClick here
2013-02n/aGFA Consulting GroupCairo Amman Bank (CAB)PalestineBank Downscaling in PalestineClick hereClick here
PlaNet FinanceAl Barid Bank (ABB)MoroccoTailoring a mobile banking application to BoPClick hereClick here
2012-12n/aJ. Bald through FIDES AGTinh Thuong One-member Limited Liability Microfinance Institution (TYM)VietnamAchieving lasting financial sustainability by setting up a modern risk management systemClick hereClick here
2012-11n/aMCRILNMB Bank LimitedNepalDownscaling to increase outreach to microfinance clientsClick hereClick here
FIDES AGMicro Banco FIDES Mozambique (MBFM)MozambiqueOutreach expansion through mobile banking servicesClick hereClick here
2012-09n/aWomen's World Banking (WWB)Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.IndiaLeading the expansion of gendered individual lendingClick hereClick here
FIDES AGMicro Banco FIDES Mozambique (MBFM)MozambiqueStrengthening asset building strategies through microinsuranceClick hereClick here
2012-07n/aHorus Development FinanceLetshego Bank Tanzania (formerly Advans Bank Tanzania (ABT))TanzaniaLaunch of ABT?s SME lending operationsClick hereClick here
2012-06n/aBamboo Finance SàrlApoyo Integral GuatemalaGuatemalaInstitutional strengthening for financial inclusionClick hereClick here
2012-05n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalLOLC (formerly Thaneakea Phum Cambodia LTD (TPC)) & Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)CambodiaCapacity building for housing microfinanceClick hereClick here
2012-04n/aHorus Development FinanceAdvans TunisieTunisiaLaunch of MSME loan productsClick hereClick here
2012-03n/aBamboo Finance SàrlEFC ZambiaZambiaEFC Zambia Branch Interconnectivity - Improving banking services and rural outreachClick hereClick here
2012-02n/aBFC GmbHBank of Kigali Ltd.RwandaFostering financial inclusion in rural areas through innovative channels in RwandaClick hereClick here
FIDES AGFIDES Microfinance SenegalSenegalIntroduction of micro insurance in the product offer of rural MFI in SenegalClick hereClick here
2011-09n/aAccion InternationalCredife / Banco PichinchaEcuadorPromoting access to savings for the working poor in EcuadorClick hereClick here
2011-08n/aFINCA InternationalFINCA NicaraguaNicaraguaBuilding risk management capacity to increase outreach in NicaraguaClick hereClick here
2011-07n/aPlaNet FinanceABA/ DBACD/ CILEgyptLaunch of savings-based microinsurance product in EgyptClick hereClick here
2011-062013-12SwisscontactEquity BankTanzaniaPromotion of women small businesses in TanzaniaClick hereClick here
PlaNet FinanceAl Barid Bank (ABB)MoroccoInnovative distribution channel: "Barid Cash" - Postal BankingClick hereClick here
2011-042014-05PlaNet FinanceManushiNepalInnovative microinsurance products for rural poor in NepalClick hereClick here
2011-03n/aresponsAbilityHattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)CambodiaDeveloping a sustainable savings strategy with leading MI in CambodiaClick hereClick here
FIDES AGFIDES Microfinance SenegalSenegalBetter outreach and productivity for financial services in rural areas through the use of mobile phone technologyClick hereClick here
2011-01FSW-04FIDES AGUNRWAPalestinePilot test of savings products in a MFI in PalestineClick hereClick here

Feasibility Studies

Project No.Related to:GranteePartner Financial InstitutionCountryTitleFactsheetFinal ReportVideo
FSW-24n/aStonestep AGStonestep TFD Pvt. Ltd (Nepal)NepalPiloting Index-Based Flood Insurance for Risk
Transfer in Western Nepal
Click here
FSW-23n/ SA / AkibaTo be establishedColombiaFeasibility Study to Offer the Akiba App to Low-Income Employees in ColombiaClick here
FSW-22n/aCelsiusPro AGHollard MoçambiqueMozambique, Namibia, and BotswanaLivestock Insurance for Smallholder Farmers in Southern AfricaClick hereClick here
FSW-21n/aSyngenta FoundationEbdaa BankSudanFeasibility Study with Dry-Run and a Pilot for Index Based Livestock Insurance for Pastoralists in SudanClick here
FSW-20n/aGroots ConsultingAllianz Ivory CoastIvory CoastDevelopment of an innovative and scalable grass-roots data collection, financial education and product distribution channel for index-insurances in Ivory CoastClick here
FSW-19n/aeBOP SAKiWi India (to be established)IndiaLaunching KiWi Point of Sale app in IndiaClick hereClosed prematurely
FSW-18n/an/aIBDA'A Microfinance salLebanonClient study to broaden IBDA'A's financial services to Syrian refugeesClick hereClick here
FSW-17n/aSyngenta FoundationMultipleCambodiaFeasibility Study for agricultural input insuranceClick here
FSW-16n/aZingsureZingsureEgyptFeasibility Study for ZingSure to offer digital microinsurance (and possibly other financial services) to faith-based members in EgyptClick hereClick here
FSW-15n/aSyngenta Foundationn/aMyanmarFeasibility study for agricultural insuranceClick hereClick here
FSW-14n/aSyngenta Foundationn/aBangladeshFeasibility study for agricultural insuranceClick hereClick here
FSW-13n/aSMHNot yet establishedGhanaInclusive financial services for cocoa growing families through a holistic outgrower finance approachClick hereClick here
FSW-112016-03Stonestep GmbHPact Global Microfinance Fund (PACT)MyanmarFeasibility study for implementation of key performance indicators and program linking of independent PACT programs PGMF and VRFClick hereClick here
FSW-10n/aHabitat for Humanity InternationalKenyan Commercial Bank (KCB)KenyaKenyan housing microinsurance feasibility studyClick hereClick here
FSW-09n/aFIDES AGEgyptian National Post Organization (ENPO)EgyptAssessing options for distribution of microinsurance through ENPOClick here
FSW-08FEW-08FIDES AGMyanmar Microfinance Ltd. (MMF)MyanmarMyanmar Microfinance Ltd. - Preparation PhaseClick hereClick here
FSW-07n/aSyngenta FoundationUpcoming Kilimo Salama Insurance Service Company in KenyaTanzaniaFeasibility study on agricultural insurance in TanzaniaClick hereClick hereClick here
FSW-06n/aPlaNet GuaranteePlaNet Guarantee SenegalSenegal / Mali / Benin / Ivory Coast / Burkina FasoBusiness plan for microinsurance in West AfricaClick hereClick here
FSW-05n/aMicroInsurance CentreENDA InterarabeTunisiaMicroinsurance - Strategic business development for ENDA InterarabeClick hereClick here
FSW-042011-01FIDES AGUNRWAPalestine / JordanSupport to the transformation of UNRWA MD into a microfinance bankClick hereClick here
03, 04
SwisscontactSwisscontact EcuadorLatin AmericaMicroleasing Latin AmericaClick hereClick here
eBOP SAFuture KIWI MoroccoMoroccoDevelopment of an ePayment solution adapted to micromerchantsClick hereClick here
FSW-01n/aFINCA Internationaln/aTanzaniaFeasibility study and business case development for TanzaniaClick hereClick here

Financial Education Campaigns

Project No.Related to:GranteePartner Financial InstitutionCountryTitleFactsheetFinal ReportVideo
FEW-292021-01CIFFECECAM-BENINBéninFinancial Education to Support the Scaling Up of
Digitalized Planned Savings in Bénin
Click here
FEW-28n/an/aFundacion Genesis EmpresarialGuatemalaDigital Financial and Business Education Training for the Clients of GENESISClick here
FEW-27n/aAdvans International FranceAdvans TunisieTunisiaSupporting Microentrepreneurs during Covid-19 through Remote CoachingClick hereClick hereClick here
FEW-26FSW-17Syngenta FoundationAMK Microfinance Institution Plc. (AMK)CambodiaFinancial Education and Creating Awareness for Launching of Crop Insurance Schemes for Smallholder Farmers in CambodiaClick here
FEW-252020-04Blue Marble MicroinsuranceOld Mutual ZimbabweZimbabweWeather index insurance scale-up in ZimbabweClick here
FEW-24n/aCenter Of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR)National Microfinance Bank (NMB)JordanDevelopment of a Regional E-learning Financial Education (FE) Platform with National Microfinance Bank of JordanClick here
FEW-23FEW-15BFC GmbHOXUS AfghanistanAfghanistanFinancial and business education training for the clients of OXUS AfghanistanClick hereClick here
FEW-222019-03Syngenta FoundationEBDAA BankSudanFinancial education for smallholder farmers on agriculture insurance in SudanClick here
FEW-21n/aStonestepVisionFund MyanmarMyanmarFE campaign for microinsurance, risk transfer mechanisms and savings-linked malaria insuranceClick hereClick here
Syngenta FoundationAyeyarwaddy Seeds CompanyMyanmarFinancial education for launching the first weather index-based agricultural insurance scheme for smallholder farmers in MyanmarClick here
FEW-19FEW-11n/aEkphatthana Microfinance Institution (EMI)LaosPioneering life insurance coverage linked to deposit products in LaosClick hereClick hereClick here
FEW-172018-05Acre AfricaAcre RwandaRwandaFE for upscaling agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers in RwandaClick here
FEW-16n/an/aFundacion GenesisGuatemalaDigitalizing financial education deliveryClick hereClick here
FEW-15n/aBFCOXUS AfghanistanAfghanistanFinancial education training for the clients of OXUS
Click hereClick here
FEW-14n/aBFCNucafeUgandaAwareness and financial education on RE index drought insurance product for smallholder farmersClick hereClick here
FEW-132016-02ZingsureZingsure ZimbabweZimbabweUp-scale microinsurance in paretnership with the Apostolic council of Churches of ZimbabweClick hereClick here
n/aLead FoundationEgyptSupport to the roll out of the Hemaya/care Giver Microinsurance at Lead FoundationClick hereClick here
FEW-11FEW-19n/aEkphatthana Microfinance Institution (EMI)LaosCredit Life Plus product design, product management process and trainingClick hereClick here
FEW-102016-01KiWiKiWi MexicoMexicoKiWi, digital platform for micro-merchantsClick hereClick here
FEW-092016-04E-Savings.clubAkiba MexicoMexicoFinancial Education Campagin for Digital Rotatings Savings and Credit AssociationsClick hereClick here
FEW-082015-07FIDES AGAlliance for microfinance in Myanmar (AMFIN)MyanmarFinancial education in MyanmarClick hereClick here
FEW-072014-10n/aENDA InterarabeTunisiaFinancial education to support the first microinsurance productClick hereClick here
FEW-062014-09SwisscontactEquity Bank RwandaRwandaFinancial education: Fanikisha+ Promotion and acceleration of women small businessesClick hereClick here
FIDES AGMicro Banco FIDES Mozambique (MBFM)MozambiqueFinancial education in an inclusive finance approach based on the development of Savings and Credit GroupsClick here
eBOP SAFuture KiWi MoroccoMoroccoKiWi eKiosk pioneering integrated cards & mobile payments for micromerchantsClick hereClick here
FEW-032014-02Syngenta FoundationKilimo SalamaTanzaniaIntroducing agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers in the Iringa regionClick hereClick here
FEW-022014-01Syngenta FoundationKilimo SalamaTanzaniaIntroducing agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers in the Arusha regionClick hereClick here
FEW-01n/aAccion InternationalUtkarsh Micro Finance Pvt. Ltd.IndiaFinancial education for underserved clientsClick hereClick here