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for Income and Employment Generation

Financial Education Campaigns

The supportive ‘FINANCIAL EDUCATION WINDOW’ (FEW) co-funds financial education campaigns that are pre-conditions for (1) introducing insurance and other new financial services, and (2) establishing greenfield financial institutions in environments in which the existing financial institutions are unable or not willing to engage in inclusive financial services. The FEW is supporting on-going Product Up-scaling Support. It is earmarked for members and SDC partners only.

[Status 31 December 2018]





The following financial education campaigns have been approved by the SCBF so far. For more information on a specific campaign click on the respective factsheet below:


FEW-01_Factsheet_India_Accion_Utkarsh (completed)

FEW-02  Factsheet_Tanzania (Arusha) Syngenta Foundation  Kilimo Salama (completed)

FEW-03  Factsheet  Tanzania (Iringa)  Syngenta Foundation  Kilimo Salama (completed – see combined report FEW-02-03)

FEW-04  Factsheet  Morocco  Kiwi (completed/stopped)

FEW-05  Factsheet  Mozambique  FIDES   MBFM (stopped)

FEW-06_Factsheet_Rwanda_Swisscontact_Equity Bank (completed)

FEW-07_Factsheet_Tunisia_Enda (completed)

FEW-08_Factsheet_Myanmar_FIDES_AMFIM (completed)

FEW-09  Factsheet_Mexico

FEW-10  Factsheet   Mexico  KiWi (completed)

FEW-11   Factsheet   Laos  EMI (completed)

FEW-12 Factsheet_ Egypt Lead Foundation

FEW-13  Factsheet_Zimbabwe  Zingsure (closed)

FEW-14 Factsheet Uganda BFC NUCAFE

FEW-15   Factsheet   Afghanistan   BFC  OXUS  (completed)

FEW-16 Factsheet Guatemala Genesis

FEW-17 Factsheet Rwanda ACRE

FEW-18 Factsheet NMB WWB Tanzania (project never realized)

FEW-19 Factsheet Laos EMI

FEW-20 FactSheet Myanmar ASC SFSA

FEW-21 Factsheet Myanmar VisionFund Stonestep

Final Reports

FEW-01 Final Report India Accion Utkarsh

FEW-02-03 Final Report Tanzania Syngenta Foundation and ACRE Tanzania

FEW-04 Final Report Morocco KiWi

FEW-07 Final Report Tunisia Enda Inter-arabe

FEW-06 Final Report Rwanda Equity Bank Swisscontact

FEW-08 Final Report Myanmar FIDES and Alliance for Microfinance in Myanmar

FEW-10 Final Report Mexico KiWi

FEW-11 Final Report Laos EMI

FEW-13 2017-07 & 2017-11 Combine Final Report Zingsure Zimbabwe Malawi Zambia

FEW-15 Final Report BFC Oxus Afghanistan