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Propose a Capacity Building Support

Swiss Competence Centres, Swiss Social Investors and SDC country offices, as well as non-Swiss Competence Centres endorsed by a partner organisation of the SCBF wishing to submit a proposal are asked to complete the project application form (word doc), incl. implementation plan and  budget breakdown (excel files) available below.

Templates for Product Up-scaling proposals:

The primary ‘Product Up-scaling Window’ (PUW) co-funds the development, testing and launching of both client-oriented financial products and product distribution channels that meet the needs of low-income households, smallholders, and micro, small, and medium enterprises with a particular focus on women and rural areas.

SCBF_Application Form_PUW

SCBF  Implementation Plan & Budget

SCBF   Implementation Plan   sample


The application form must be dowloaded through the link above, completed and submitted via email (as a Word attachment + 2 Excel attachments) to the SCBF office at 


Financial Institutions who would like to propose a innovative Capacity Building Support to the SCBF, but who are not linked to a Swiss Competence Centres, Swiss Social Investors or SDC country office, are encouraged to send an email to the SCBF Secretariat ( who will be pleased to advise you further and introduce you to a qualified partner organisation.


Please note: There is no legal entitlement to funding from this programme.  SCBF will not reimburse any costs incurred in connection with the application. If SCBF is unable to consider your application , you will be sent a brief notification.  SCBF is not obliged to provide reasons for any decision to reject a proposal.


Free PDF program downloads are available or SCBF declines all responsibility for the accuracy of the external links given on its homepage and for the content and security of the websites which can be reached through them.