SCBF | Swiss Capacity Building Facility

for Income and Employment Generation

Eligibility Criteria for Financial Institutions

The main eligibility criteria for financial institutions are:

  1. The operations concerned shall take place in the eligible countries as stipulated by the SCBF, with priority given to SDC priority partner countries and regions.
  2. The financial institution itself makes a significant1 contribution according to its financial standing, including at least all travel, accomodation, and per diem expenses of the SCBF-funded consultants, if not a share of their rates. In addition, it assumes ‘full’ ownership by appointing a senior manager as capacity building project coordinator.
  3. Financial and institutional self-sufficiency or on a clear path towards it. On a case by case basis, greenfieldings with a documented institutional and financial sustainability targets will be considered.
  4. Proven social mission in serving poor people, notably women, preferably in rural areas. As a minimum, the financial intermediary complies with responsible finance practices by signing and respecting the six client protection principles advocated by the Smart Campaign and practicing sound governance.2
  5. Credible potential of the financial institution to reach at least 4’000 new poor clients.


1 SCBF’s target is that the financial institution contributes on average 20% of the total costs of the project, with a higher share for those institutions with a strong financial standing and a lower share for less mature financial institutions and state-owned financial institutions.

2 The SCBF insists on clear evidence of a proven social mission and the respect of the client protection principles (notably the first to avoid clients’ over-indebtedness).