SCBF | Swiss Capacity Building Facility

for Income and Employment Generation


The overall objective of the Swiss Capacity Building Facility is to optimise the scale and effectiveness of the Swiss contribution to income and employment generation as well as risk mitigation for households and businesses through financial inclusion as a proven poverty alleviation strategy.

The SCBF’s specific objectives are to:

  1. Assist financial institutions with a proven social mission to up-scale massively and responsibly their outreach to poor people.
  2. Link Swiss and other social investors with financial institutions to co-finance the latters’ pro-poor business expansion and open up new investment opportunities for the former.
  3. Leverage Swiss and Southern capacity builders to strengthen institutional and management capacity for 1) financial institutions in order to develop inclusive financial sectors that offer appropriate financial services for poor people, particularly micro insurance and savings products that help to reduce their vulnerability, and 2) for SMEs.
  4. Pool complementary expertise and resources of Swiss and Southern competence centres, social investors and SDC and leverage substantial private investments within PPDPs to enhance scale and effectiveness of Swiss contributions to poverty reduction.
  5. Strengthen the leading role of the Swiss financial sector in microfinance, microinsurance and other development-oriented technical and financial investments thereby promoting the global image of Switzerland.